Live Air Date: Wednesday, September 7, 12:00 to 1:00p Eastern

Healthcare Innovation: What’s Next for the Angel Investor

This webinar will cover a wide range of topics related to the investing in a healthcare startup and features an incredible member of the angel community, Dr. David Gershon.
Webinar objectives will be:

  • To increase awareness about how healthcare start-ups are driven by scientific breakthroughs to deliver better healthcare to patients.
  • To break down barriers that investors have to healthcare investment including understanding the technical/scientific complexities, regulations and IP.
  • To define the potential ROI in healthcare investing, while simultaneously mitigating risk.

Dr. David Gershon has 20 years of experience as an nueroscientist, oncologist/immunologist, healthcare economist and FDA healthcare regulatory attorney, with expertise in drug and device approval processes, clinical research and pricing and reimbursement.  Dr Gershon has been featured on CNBC and has been a speaker at numerous conferences including the Harvard Business School Health Industry Alumni Conference, Healthcare M&A Corporate Development Conference, Investment and M&A Opportunities in Healthcare Conference and the Healthcare Deal Making Summit.  He has been an entrepreneur and healthcare investor since 1996, founding a series of outpatient emergency clinics.

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Dr David Gershon
Gershon Capital

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