Thursday, October 5, 2023 • Due Diligence and Exit Strategies

Attendees will begin the event with ACA Angel University and conclude with The Big Launch Challenge where 10 leading startups will compete to win $15,000 to move their ventures forward.


  • Members - $300 for 1 course or $450 for both
  • Non-Members - $375 for 1 course or $565 for both

ACA Angel University: An Immersive, Interactive Learning Experience

Designed to increase collaboration between entrepreneurs and angel investors, these two workshops will give you powerful insights and actionable strategies to make angel investments and startups more successful. The workshops will be taught by leading experts in angel investing. 

Due Diligence Course: Due Diligence is a process undertaken by angels and/or angel groups to determine whether or not to invest in a particular start-up organization. This course covers the essentials of both the process of conducting due diligence and the various due diligence components. Participants will learn how to weigh factors such as the expertise of the founding team, product-market fit, potential market size, proposed business model, legal and IP protections, etc. The course also explains what might be potential due diligence deal killers which new angel investors need to avoid. 


Kristina Montague
The JumpFund

Exit Strategies Course: Exit strategies may be one of the most misunderstood aspects of angel investing and this course serves to shed a light on how angels and their portfolio companies can work together to achieve the most successful exits.  Value creation for angel backed companies is different than for lifestyle companies and the primary difference lies in how angel investors craft the exit strategy.  This course covers the various kinds of exits that might occur as a result of investing in a start-up company and how to prepare for each.  Additional course topics include gaining a greater understanding of what the drivers are for high exit multiples and how companies can build in value from the very early stage.   The course also presents details of the “Exit Strategy Canvas” that walks participants through the six key elements of exit strategy.  The exit strategy canvas is designed to clarify the variety of exit scenarios and how angels and founders can work towards mutual optimal outcomes.


Parker MacDonell
Rev1 Venture

Rick Timmins
Central Texas Angel Network

The Big Launch Challenge: Leading Startups Compete for $15,000


The Big Launch Challenge (BLC) is an annual competition hosted by The Launch Place that targets the best startups in the country. It is a unique opportunity to see 10 leading early stage companies as they compete for $15,000 in prize money. The BLC offers startups valuable business networking opportunities, as well as critical resources. Since 2012, the Launch Place has awarded over $189,000 in BLC prize money to 19 start-up companies.