Thursday, November 17, 2022  •  Valuation and Term Sheet Basics
North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Attendees will begin the event with ACA Angel University and conclude with The Big Launch Challenge where 10 leading startups will compete to win $20,000 to move their ventures forward.


  • Members - $300 for 1 course or $450 for both
  • Non-Members - $375 for 1 course or $565 for both

ACA Angel University: An Immersive, Interactive Learning Experience

Designed to increase collaboration between entrepreneurs and angel investors, these two workshops will give you powerful insights and actionable strategies to make angel investments and startups the support more successful. The workshops will be taught by leading experts in angel investing. 

Elaine Bolle
Portfolia/RTP Capital Associates

Mark Friedman
RTP Capital Associates/The Launch Place

Term Sheet Basics: You’ve met the founding team and really like the company.  Now it’s time to know if the deal is right for you.  You will need to understand the term sheet, the document that outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement between the investors and the startup.  This introductory workshop provides clear, practical information on early-stage term sheets, focused on helping newer angel investors understand deal terms.  The workshop includes lectures and interviews, using a publicly available term sheet template for seed and early stage preferred shares deals.  

Taken together, in these two workshops:

  • Angels will learn how to get to successful paydays—harvesting their investments by helping their companies manage risks and achieve successful exits.
  • Entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of how angels think and evaluate early-stage companies helping entrepreneurs build stronger partnerships with their investors.

Valuation Course: Negotiating the current valuation of seed-stage startups at the time of investment is a critical component of angel term sheets.  Getting valuation right establishes a fair percentage of ownership for both investors and entrepreneurs and optimizes returns for investing angels.  This clinic introduces participants to startup valuation and demonstrates multiple valuation methodologies.  In addition to valuation methods, the lead instructor will provide insights into the impact of stage of development, geographic location, business sector and the global economy on startup valuation.

The Big Launch Challenge: Leading Startups Compete for $20,000

The Big Launch Challenge is a competition targeting the best startups in the country 10 leading startups will compete for $20,000 in prize money.

The Big Launch Challenge, a competition targeting the best startups in the country, is a unique opportunity to see 10 leading startups as they compete for $20,000 in prize money. Over the past 9 years of hosting this competition, The Launch Place has awarded $174,000 to 16 companies. The Launch Place strives to foster an environment for new and serial entrepreneurs in which they can raise capital and have access to support services they need to take their products and/or solutions into the marketplace.

The Angel Capital Association and The Launch Place would like to especially thank ACA member group RTP Capital Associates and its investors for their active support of this event.