Live Air Date: Wednesday, March 10, 12:00 to 1:00p Eastern

The Role of Early Stage Board of Directors in Raising and Closing the Next Round

Your portfolio company will need to fundraise soon. What’s the role of the Board in securing capital? Who should fundraise? What is the CEO’s role? Your role as a Director? How do you deal with insider rounds? What are smart practices in negotiating with follow-on investors  to achieve a fair deal? What are the risks and pitfalls to avoid in managing fundraising as a Director?

ACA Board member Ron Weissman, Vice Chair of the ACA’s Education and Smart Practices Committee and the author of Angel University’s course on startup boards will lead an interactive webinar on your role as a Director across the fundraising cycle, from initial capital forecasting through diligence, negotiation and the closing of the round.  Increase your odds of success and minimize headaches by learning how professional angel investors best leverage boards to increase the odds of fundraising success.

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