Bonus Opportunity: 

Join Our Exclusive Group in Portland, Oregon to Experience the Summit Face-to-Face!

Priority #1 for ACA remains to provide a safe and healthy environment for our conference attendees and staff.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the governor of Oregon, our face to face interactions have been reduced from original plans.  The Jupiter NEXT hotel remains open to guests and a small contingent will be on the ground in Portland.  A planning team is working to maximize the experience for those in attendance while staying true to our priority and abiding by local restrictions, limitations, and guidelines.  As such, plans are changing rapidly.  If you plan to attend in person, please look back in this discussion board at regular intervals for the latest updates and don’t hesitate to reach out directly to ACA CEO, Patrick Gouhin, at with any questions.  Thank you for your interest in the face to face component of ACA2021: The Summit of Angel Investing and stay safe and healthy.

Enjoy spectacular city views at the vibrant Hotel Jupiter Next