ACA Best of the Midwest Spotlight on Entrepreneurs & Showcase 
Wednesday, October 16 - 4:15pm

Connect with innovative companies and their angel investor champions in real time at the ACA Best of the Midwest meeting. 
Nominated and championed by attending angel investors (and NIH, America's Seed Fund) seven companies will present their innovations and attend the meeting for follow up discussions and next steps. Get to know a little about them below and see you in Cincinannati! 
Omnia Fishing
Minneapolis, MN
Matt Johnson
Anglers rely on information when buying fishing gear which has kept 84% of the sales in this $4.5B market occurring in-person every year. Omnia Fishing is the first contextual commerce platform that organizes products and content by water body. 
Nominated by Gopher Angels, Minneapolis, MN
Rochester, MN
Wesley A. Wierson, PhD
Y Combinator graduate, LEAH Labs cures cancer in dogs with CAR T cell therapy. Expertise in precision gene editing allows them to drop the cost of CAR T cell therapy by 100x enabling use of this next generation, curative technology in the booming companion animal health market.
Nominated by FIN Capital, Des Moines, IA
Scioto Biosciences
Indianapolis, IN
Joe Trebley, PhD
With an IND filed, Phase 1 study imminent & $2.3M NIH grant, Scioto Biosciences' next generation of microbiome therapeutics activates beneficial bacteria able to survive the stomach, delivering antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects while stimulating the release of oxytocin.
Nominated by VisionTech Angels, Indianapolis, IN
TPA Stream
Cleveland, OH
Jacob Sheridan
TPA Stream is disrupting the middle layer of healthcare. Our unique and proprietary software platform for employer sponsored insurance and benefits helps connect systems and streamline manual processes for TPAs, Health Plans, Financial Institutions, & Payroll Software Companies.
Nominated by North Coast Angel Fund, Cleveland, OH
Sense Diagnostics
Cincinnati, OH 
Geoff Klass
Stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients too often die or are left disabled by delays in detecting bleeds or blocked blood vessels in the brain. Our scanner non-invasively detects TBI/stroke in real time, saving time in starting treatment, saving lives and reducing cost.
Nominated by Queen City Angels, Cincinnati, OH
Safe White, Inc. dba
HaloSmile, Columbus, OH
Ray Shealy
At the intersection of beauty and oral care, HaloSmile's instant, peroxide-free, teeth cosmetic whitens your smile by creating a light and tasteless over the surface of your teeth.  The main ingredient is the natural mineral of teeth and HaloSmile causes no sensitivity.
Nominated by Ohio TechAngel Funds, Columbus, OH
ParaGen Technologies  
Columbus, OH
Ross Kayuha
ParaGen Technologies is the parent of a family of regenerative medicine companies focused on diverse clinical areas, including wound care, orthopedics, peripheral vascular disease and hernia repair.
Nominated by National Institutes of Health