Live Air Date: Wednesday, July 6, 12:00 to 1:00p Eastern

Crystal Ball 2022:  The Path Forward for Angels and
Startups in Down Markets

Public markets have seen major declines this year as some warn that we’re at the end of a ten-year bull market. ACA Vice Chair Ron Weissman will expand on his Summit Keynote, "Crystal Ball 2022: Understanding Market Turmoil", and describe the likely impact of our troubled equity markets on angel investors and their portfolio companies. 

What happened in Q3? Where are we now? What happens to startups in down markets? How can angels protect themselves and their portfolio companies? Ron and ACA Chair Marcia Dawood will discuss smart practices in dealing with the current economy. Participants in this interactive session will be invited to share their investing and portfolio support plans for 2022.

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Ron Weissman
ACA Vice Chair

Marcia Dawood
ACA Chair

Samer Yousif
Chief Officer of BLK VC

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